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A Brief History of the Presbyterian Church in America

The Presbyterian Church in America has a strong commitment to evangelism, missionary work at home and abroad, and to Christian education. From its inception, the church has determined its purpose to be “faithful to the Scriptures, true to the reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission.”

Why have we started a new worship site in Hershey?

  • We are here to share God’s love with all.
  • To tell others about Jesus and the freedom that is offered in him.
  • To serve the local Hershey community in the name of Christ.
  • To serve those in the medical community and their families as they care for others in their occupation and training.
  • To serve internationals in the Hershey community.
  • To live and work as disciples of Jesus Christ in the Hershey community as a local church in the Hershey community made up of people in the Hershey community.
  • To worship God together as we live out our callings in the Hershey area.
  • To study and teach God’s Word, the Bible.
  • To explore how the Scriptures speak to every area of life, including the sciences, the arts, our vocations, recreations, and relationships.
  • Because Jesus has commanded us to make disciples of all nations

Hershey PCA Logo

A Brief History of the PCA

Organized at a constitutional assembly in December 1973, this church was first known as the National Presbyterian Church but changed its name in 1974 to Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). It separated from the Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern) in opposition to the long-developing theological liberalism which denied the deity of Jesus Christ and the inerrancy and authority of Scripture. Additionally, the PCA held to the traditional position on the role of women in church offices.
In December 1973, delegates, representing some 260 congregations with a combined communicant membership of over 41,000 that had left the PCUS, gathered at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and organized the National Presbyterian Church, which later became the Presbyterian Church in America. Content from http://www.pcanet.org/history/


In 1982, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, joined the Presbyterian Church in America. The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, had been formed in 1965 by a merger of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America, General Synod.

The PCA has made a firm commitment on the doctrinal standards which had been significant in Presbyterianism since 1645, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. These doctrinal standards express the distinctive (nature) of the Calvinistic or Reformed tradition.

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