The King and Head of the Church: Jesus Christ

Ministers of the Gospel: All Our members

Hershey PCA Oversight Committee of Our Session:

David Kertland (& Bonnie)

David Kertland (& Bonnie)


Chris Haynes

Ruling Elder

Dr. Greg Moore

Ruling Elder

Nick Yingst

Ruling Elder (Clerk)

Hershey PCA Deacon:



Eve Dolon

Childcare Coordinator

Sara Shadel

Junoir Church Coordinator

Rick Shadel

Audio Technician

Glenda Trumpower and TE David Cross

Gathering Team Leaders

Mike Miller

Welcoming Team Leader

Emily Church

Music Team Leader

Bonnie Kertland and Cate Miller

Education Team Leaders

Keith Dolon and Josh Franklin

Facility Preparation Team Managers

Additional Members of Our Team who are at Trinity PCA (our other worship site)

Youth and Family Ministries

Mike Wolcott

Youth Group and Kid's Club Oversight, Pastor, PCA Teaching Elder

Pam Underkoffler

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Session members who primarily worship at Trinity PCA (our other site)

Bob Eickelberg

Pastor, PCA Teaching Elder

John McCurdy

Ruling Elder (Clerk)

George Parmer

Ruling Elder

Tom Seymour

Ruling Elder

Deacons who primarily worship at Trinity PCA (our other site)

Ken Gilliam


Don Goss


Glenn Martin


John Rhode


Charles Sandell

Deacon (Chair)

Rick Shadel (Sr.)


Nick Steyn


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